I’ve had the honour of being chosen to represent South Africa as a Touchbok in the Touch Rugby World Cup in Australia in 2015. However, because touch rugby is a non-professional sport, we have to pay our own way. This means that each player will most likely have to pay no less than R50 000 to represent our country.

I’d be grateful to anyone who is able to contribute any amount of money towards my tour cost and have included an option to contribute towards the entire national squad as well.

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Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia, will host the prestigious 2015 FIT Touch World Cup. The world’s best Touch Footballers will make their way to Coffs Harbour through Sydney in April 2015 to showcase their international skills, agility and speed in the 8th instalment of the Touch World Cup; 14 years after Australia last hosted the event.

Coffs Harbour, in Australia, is a coastal city located on the north coast of New South Wales about 540 km (340 mi) north of Sydney, and 390 km (240 mi) south of Brisbane. Its population was 45,580 in 2011 with the greater region having a population of 70,990 in 2012.[3]

According to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Coffs Harbour has the most liveable climate in Australia, and it is nestled between a high mountain backdrop and dozens of beaches. Coffs Harbour’s economy was once based mainly on bananas, now being superseded by blueberries as well as tourism and fishing.

Sponsor Me

I’ve put together a sponsorship proposal that outlines a few opportunities that you and / or your brand could get on board with to help get me to Australia. I’ve designed them in a way that enhances my preparation but gives you and / or you brand a lot of exposure for many years after the World Cup passes.

I am open to other options and I’m willing to discuss how we can make this work better for both of us. In other words, I’m willing to do what it takes to get to the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup.

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I’d really appreciate any contribution in me getting to the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup. It’s a huge honour to be playing for my country and I’d love to have you being apart of this amazing journey.

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