Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference

I recently came across an interesting warning on one of my WordPress sites. The warning was “Strict Standards: Only variables should be passed by reference” and was referring to line 14. As you can see below, I wasnt’ really sure what the issue was here.

After a big of research, I found that array_pop […]

Football with Wild Lions

The 2014 Football World Cup is about to get underway and not doubt we will have all kinds of brands jumping on board the hype to get some promotion. Naturally, ones that hit closer to home will definitely get my attention and Von Gils have done just that. They’ve joined up with Kevin Richardson (the […]

Remove Protected Posts from Search Results in WordPress

I recently came up with a scenario on a website I created using WordPress which needed me to prevent protected posts from displaying in search results or on the blog index page. Initially, I thought this would be a setting on a per post page but alas, WordPress does not have the feature built-in. After […]

Using Variables to Dynamically Populate Fields in Gravity Forms

I was building a form using Gravity Forms (aff. link) on the Rivers website the other day and came across the need to add a variable used in the back-end of the site and place the value in a form. Gravity Forms does allow you to dynamically set the value of a field and you […]