What Happens When a Rugby League Player plays NFL?

Well… Jarryd Hayne happens. This just deepens my love for rugby and rugby league in general! He also made the roster for the 49ers and has some incredible stats already including higher average punt return yards than the longest return last season. Boom. Check out this highlight video from his last game.

The World Cup is behind me, now to Malaysia 2019!

So the 2015 Touch Rugby World Cup is now behind me. I have 9 Mixed Open caps to my name and I am sure that I have come back a better player. Conditions in Coffs Harbour, Australia were pretty intense with flood warnings being sent out and an entire days play being cancelled. However, this only meant […]

Custom Touch Rugby Kits by Touchies

I’m glad to announce that Touchies will now be making custom touch rugby kits. It’s an exciting new venture we are embarking on at Touchies and it’s something that we think will add value to the touch community.

Run up to the 2015 Senior IPTs

It’s just about 2 weeks until we face off with the best touch rugby players in the country at the 2015 Touch Rugby Senior IPTs. It’s definitely one of the most intense weekends and the level of touch is ridiculously high so I’m really looking forward to it! To give you an idea, this is […]

CrossFit Friday: “Burpee”

If you’ve been in any fitness environment you’ll know all about the dreaded burpee. It’s the movement that seems very tame until you’re on number 30 and the little half a foot jump seems like you’re scaling Mount Everest. The burpee concept is pretty basic but is full of complex movements. You drop down into […]

The Poor Carb

Diets are the new big thing at the moment and with the Banting diet and Tim Noaks’ Real Meal Revolution hitting the spot light we have a shift towards high fat and protein intakes with less carbs. At least that’s what they’re trying to teach. Unfortunately the word carb (short for carbohydrate) has got quite a bad rep […]

CrossFit Friday: “Box”

This weeks CrossFirst term is “box”. You’ll often hear CrossFitters referring to their “gyms” as boxes. To the non-CrossFitting people who have yet to attend the awesomeness that is CrossFit you would usually get a blank expression tying to figures if you’re a boxer or if they’re about to go box. It’s not that severe. […]

CrossFit Ex Animo are Backing me for World Cup Gold!

It’s no joke that I have to be at my absolute best when it comes to pure athletic performance if I want to play any definitive role in competing at the Touch Rugby World Cup. This is where the awesome guys at CrossFit Ex Animo come in. Not only have they supported me since the announcement of […]