WordCamp Joburg 2017 Composer Workshop

Composer has been around for a little while now and it has made the lives of thousands of PHP developers around the world just a little better (OK, quite a lot better).

Using Composer in your theme and/or plugin will allow you to add a range of great features and libraries that are available to the general PHP community without having to worry about actually managing those libraries (Composer does that for you).

In this workshop, we will look at:

  • how Composer works from a very high level;
  • start a very simple plugin and including composer in it;
  • and use some of the really cool packages out there to make our plugin awesome.

You can find the repo for the workshop on GitHub: https://github.com/seagyn/wcjhb-composer-workshop


WordCamp Cape Town 2017 Composer Workshop

I had the privilege of doing a workshop at WordCamp Cape Town 2017 on Composer and WordPress. I covered how we can use Composer to manage WordPress projects and how we could create parity between the different environments we have (like development, staging and production).

Tools I used:

What I would have liked to have clarified before the workshop was that this was for entire project management and not managing a single plugins dependencies (something that I think I’m going to rather do at WordCamp Joburg 2017).

Here are my slides from the workshop, I hope they help and feel free to pop me questions you might have.


Book Review: The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution

This must possibly be one of the best books I have ever read. Not only that, but I learnt more about computers and how they work than at any place of education.

If you’re into tech and if you’re into innovation, then this book is a must read. Not only does is paint a really good picture of where the idea of computing started, it also displays what is required to truly innovate (hint: it’s not only up to an individual).

The guys that you’d expect to be in the book such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Page are there for obvious reasons. However, it was the people that lead to the really amazing theoretical and engineering advancements that really caught my attention. The way some of the major improvements that lead to the fundamental components of computing sometimes got me totally surprised and in awe of how exactly the just came about.

The book really is a long read so maybe take it chapter by chapter if you’re not a technical person. Also, don’t be too concerned if you’re not technically inclined – the book has its fair share of technical speak but it also has a fair share of both historical information (especially for women) and the ways innovators thought and worked over time. This earns my first 5-star rating for a book so I highly recommend it.

The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution Book Cover The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution
Walter Isaacson
Simon & Schuster; First Edition edition
Hard Cover

Following his blockbuster biography of Steve Jobs, The Innovators is Walter Isaacson's story of the people who created the computer and the Internet. It is destined to be the standard history of the digital revolution and a guide to how innovation really works.

What talents allowed certain inventors and entrepreneurs to turn their disruptive ideas into realities? What led to their creative leaps? Why did some succeed and others fail?

In his exciting saga, Isaacson begins with Ada Lovelace, Lord Byron's daughter, who pioneered computer programming in the 1840s. He then explores the fascinating personalities that created our current digital revolution, such as Vannevar Bush, Alan Turing, John von Neumann, J.C.R. Licklider, Doug Engelbart, Robert Noyce, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Tim Berners-Lee and Larry Page.

This is the story of how their minds worked and what made them so creative. It's also a narrative of how their ability to collaborate and master the art of teamwork made them even more creative.

For an era that seeks to foster innovation, creativity and teamwork, this book shows how they actually happen.

Introduction to Continuous Integration with WordPress – WordCamp Cape Town 2016

At WordCamp Cape Town 2016 I did a quick intro workshop into continuous integration with WordPress, which covered the principles of continuous integration (CI) and a few ways to start with unit testing and integration testing.

Sadly, I didn’t have enough time to get through the entire workshop and really wanted to get people trying out the fun stuff. But, as promised, you’ll find the presentation further down the page, which you can go through in your own time.

In addition, I think it’s worth doing a step-by-step blog post series on this topic because I think it will enable everyone to get a better understanding of CI and really get the hang of it. Once I’ve published each post I will update this one with a link for your reference.

If you have any questions, please free to drop me a comment here or on the Github repo (the one I used in the workshop).

Continuous Integration with WordPress Series

  1. What is continuous integration and what does it have to do with WordPress?
  2. Using Github and Travis CI to begin your continuous integration journey
  3. What is the difference between unit tests and integration tests?
  4. Writing unit tests to improve your code
  5. Writing integration tests and making your code robust (everywhere)
  6. Additional tests you can do for your WordPress projects
  7. Continuous integration with WordPress resources

Link to Presentation on Google Slides

First: What It Takes to Win by Rich Froning


If you’re any sort of CrossFitter then you’ve definitely heard of Rich Froning. If you haven’t, then just watch the last 5 years of the CrossFit Games and I think you’ll find out. He’s basically the 4-times straight winner of the CrossFit games and this is only his 5th year competing at them. That’s pretty insane.

First: What It Takes to Win is an autobiography of his life and what it takes to get that first place that everyone strives for. He shares about his life growing up as a kid and the many events that occurred in almost every area of his life. One of the really interesting things he writes about is his close ties with his family (many many cousins) which reminds me of my time growing up with my family and the many hours of volley ball we had together.

It also talks about his journey on a sporting and fitness level and what led him to become the “Fittest Man on Earth”. You actually realise that he is not entirely a freak of nature (for lack of better words) but has actively conditioned his body through years of training and general heavy work around the farm.

Probably the most interesting parts of the book for me are where he shares his faith. I’m sure there are a lot of people who probably put the book down at the point but I’m also sure that there are many more people who carry on reading. It’s fascinating to see his entire journey and to see how God has come in and just taken something pretty good and thrust him into a place of major influence.

Don’t get my brief synopsis of the book wrong. It’s not a book about a perfect kid from Tennessee who got everything he wanted and had every bit of help to condition his body to achieve his success. It’s actually a little bit of the opposite. It’s a life just like yours or mine but it’s a life where he decided that he wasn’t going to do it for himself but do it for something or rather someone better / bigger. It makes me feel that I could do anything as long as it’s to bring glory to God. He’s instilled three words into my every day thinking: Faith | Family | Fitness.

If you’re a fitness fanatic or athlete, you’ll definitely find a good story about what it takes to be a winner. If you’re a family guy, you’ll realise what it takes not only to do your best but to balance that with your family. If you’re a Christian, this book will take you out of your comfort zone of Sunday-to-Sunday faith and change your perspective into what can I do right now to show what God can do through me.

If you’d like to read it, you can purchase it on Kindle here.