The cost of automation

These days we want to automate everything we can – from our driving to small daily tasks. Automation can be a wonderful thing and can make your life really efficient giving you more freedom to do the things you want to do. However, have we stopped to consider the actual cost of automation? I feel like […]

Running a Workshop at a Developer Conference

Last week I ran a quick video call with some of the amazing humans that are speaking at WordCamp Joburg 2018. It mainly focused on how to run a workshop but these could definitely be applied at normal talks. Tip #1 First and foremost, workshops are interactive. By their nature, they’re designed to show people […]

WordCamp Joburg – Want to setup an online store?

Here are my slides from my workshop from WordCamp Joburg 2016. Most of the content was covered in the workshop (not on the slides) but the slides might give you a good idea of the flow. The stuff you’d really care about is most likely where to get the software that we used. Here are the […]

Discomfort: The Best Way to Learn

Sometimes, you just have to put yourself out there to push yourself to learn great things and standing in front of people may be the best way to learn. On Thursday (7 September) I’ll be doing a workshop at WordCamp Cape Town 2016 on continuous integration. You may ask, what is “continuous integration”? Well, up to […]

Thoughts on why we are Becoming Educated Buyers

There is has been a massive shift at Digital Leap over the last month as we realised many our clients were looking to really understand the digital space and how they could be effective. During this new journey, we realised that we had been trying to sell to people who wanted to find out as […]

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki has been recommended to me many times and I finally got down to reading it. It really does make sense of investment strategies and the flaws in pretty much everyone’s thinking – which is great. However, if you’re looking for investment advice and how to invest, this book won’t really […]

Do you need to beat down competition to beat them?

I stumbled open a video of Steve Jobs discussing a new partnership on the ZA Tech Slack Channel. It was in 1997 when Apple announced that they were partnering with Microsoft. Yes, you heard me right. They partnered with their biggest competitor. A lot of things were announced about what would be done in the partnership with […]

Monday Motivation #2

This reminds me how you have to really push to achieve success. It reminds me that success will never happen during the hours of 9 to 5. I really hope you wake up tomorrow and strive to do something great. Do something greater than yourself. Do it for yourself.