Football with Wild Lions

The 2014 Football World Cup is about to get underway and not doubt we will have all kinds of brands jumping on board the hype to get some promotion.

Naturally, ones that hit closer to home will definitely get my attention and Von Gils have done just that. They’ve joined up with Kevin Richardson (the man who interacts with wild lions) to promote their sponsorship of the Netherlands and of course their support for wild lions – Von Gils is the “proud” tailor of the Netherlands football team (KNVB).

It’s a little cheesy but it’s great how they tie it all together – the “threads”, the lions, the symbol of the lion used for KNVB and of course footbal. Enjoy.

Coca-Cola’s Answer to Social Media

I often wonder how social media has broken down societal behaviour and interactions. We definitely do spend a lot of time online and often lose focus on the world around us. Maybe Coke has come up with the solution here? Decide for yourself:

Timelapse Reel 2013 from Sebastian Eiseman

I have a thing for timelapses and almost always have a look at a video that mentions that it is one. The next step in the timelapse world was to introduce movement at the same time (not as easy as it sounds).

This timelapse reel from Sebastian Eisman is an absolute pearler. I really love the definition, quality and colour that comes through.

Have a look for yourself after the break 🙂

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