CrossFit Ex Animo are Backing me for World Cup Gold!

CrossFit Ex Animo are Backing me for World Cup Gold!


It’s no joke that I have to be at my absolute best when it comes to pure athletic performance if I want to play any definitive role in competing at the Touch Rugby World Cup. This is where the awesome guys at CrossFit Ex Animo come in.

Not only have they supported me since the announcement of my selection to represent my country, but they’ve also committed to sponsor me the next 6 months of training and conditioning. Wow, this will really help get me to the top of my game. So a BIG shout out and thanks to Steven and Bronwyn, the founders of the box. You guys have something wonderful going and I am honoured to be a part of it.

The box they have set up is pretty amazing. It’s a growing community of people at varying stages of fitness, including athletes who are taking their sport to the next level and people who just want to get or keep healthy / fit.

I would definitely recommend that you pop in for a workout. If you haven’t done CrossFit before, you’d absolutely love the constantly varied workouts. If you have done CrossFit, maybe this box will be a bit more convenient for you.



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