CrossFit Friday: “Box”

CrossFit Friday: “Box”

crossfit2This weeks CrossFirst term is “box”. You’ll often hear CrossFitters referring to their “gyms” as boxes. To the non-CrossFitting people who have yet to attend the awesomeness that is CrossFit you would usually get a blank expression tying to figures if you’re a boxer or if they’re about to go box.

It’s not that severe.

Basically the term is around to differentiate itself from normal gyms, often known as “Global / Globo Gyms”. Where normal gyms have mirrors, pretty machinery made for every single little obscure and largely insignificant muscle, and queues waiting to get to bench press equipment; CrossFit boxes are the bare necessities. They have just what you need to get your body moving in the most natural and efficient manner.

This is exactly why so many people have started CrossFit from their very own garage. It’s basically a box. 4 walls with the required equipment and dedicated passionate coaches (read: friends) who will be there for you every step of the way.

I like to say that you go to gym to look into a mirror and you go to CrossFit to look good in front of the mirror.


A while ago I asked people what they thought I should write on and there was an overwhelming response from people wanting me to write about health and fitness (mainly CrossFit). So each Friday I will be writing a post about a CrossFit term that you’ll hear in your box. I hope this will be helpful especially to the guys starting out.


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