Custom Touch Rugby Kits by Touchies

Custom touch rugby kits.

I’m glad to announce that Touchies will now be making custom touch rugby kits. It’s an exciting new venture we are embarking on at Touchies and it’s something that we think will add value to the touch community.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We’ve opted to go with a very high quality fabric and finish to make sure that any investment in these custom touch rugby kits will last a long time – this is vitally important at keeping the costs low for associations and players alike. We’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible for now so we have included design and set up in the cost of the kits.

What’s next?

The next plan is to create a custom touch rugby kit designer which will allow people to choose form base templates and then add colours, patterns, their logo, sponsors and numbers to make every kit unique.

This is a developing product and so expect some great new features in the not so distant future! I must just add that the custom kits are also not limited to touch rugby so feel free to order your kits for soccer, rugby, hockey etc.

Are we only going to make custom touch rugby kits?

This is just the start of what we hope will be a valuable product in the touch rugby community. We are looking to expand into creating association merchandise (to raise funds for associations) and also to have pre-made designs to offer a lower cost option to clients. The fabric used will be slightly cheaper and the set up and design cost will be absorbed by Touchies.

As I said before, this is super exciting and we are looking forward to supporting as many touch clubs and associations as possible. Onwards and upwards! In the mean time, if you’re interested in ordering a custom touch rugby kit, click here.


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