Going the cloud server route (unmanaged)

I was chatting to a friend (Anthony Sham) about possibly running my server (cloud/VPS based) that would allow me to really go wild with the configuration.

My main fear has always been that I would struggle with security and manage it but he has assured me that when you’re dealing with one or two websites you don’t actually have to stress to much with the management of it.

The security on the other hand is quite important but without having the holes that control panels bring and having every locked up the way it should be there really shouldn’t be an issue.

So I’m looking at a few options, name Afrihost, RSAWEB, Amazon AWS, VPS.net and Rackspace.

I’m pretty keen to go local (go loco comes into my head haha) with Afrihost or RSAWEB although the Amazon offering is pretty amazing if not ridiculously confusing and complex.

The discussion I had with Anthony was what would be better, much better processing power from the international companies with a slower response time due to latency or the pretty young offering with minimal options but much better response time. Any suggestions?

I think I’ll try it on this blog first just because it’s VERY small and I’m sure not to many people will miss it (which makes me wonder why I have even written this).

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