Guess it to Win it!

Guess it to Win it!

So in an attempt to raise funds for my Touch Rugby World Cup tour I’ve decided to launch a classic contest. I’ve got a jar full of jelly beans. It’s quite a nice jar and, well, you know all about jelly beans!

Jelly Bean Contest

To enter this little competition just head over to the Jelly Bean Contest page. Enter your details, your guess and pay R10 to have a chance of winning the jar of joy (a piece of chalk is included). The closest guess wins and the winner will be announced on 25 December 2014 (entries close on 24 December).

Remember, all entries go towards me getting to Australia next year so please feel free to guess as many times as you want. If you don’t want to enter but would rather just donate towards me getting there, I have a donation page as well.

If you’re just reading this post and have no intention of doing either, then perhaps just sharing it will do. I’d appreciate just as much!


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