Prerender Javascript Frontends

If you have spent a bit of time building Javascript apps with React or Vue, I’m sure you’ve heard of server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (static sites). Both of these have their place in the Javascript ecosystem with the main objective of delivering complete HTML to the client (rather than having the client […]

Building static sites with GatsbyJS and WordPress – WordCamp Joburg 2019 Workshop

There aren’t really slides for this workshop so I’ll just share the instructions on Github which you can follow along and complete in your own time. All the instructions can be found here: If you pick up anything then like a typo or mistake then please let me know here or on Github.

[Talk] Getting amped for AMP

I spoke at WordPress Joburg tonight on AMP, it’s possibilities and how to get going with it in WordPress. Check out the slides here and let me know if you have questions.

The cost of automation

These days we want to automate everything we can – from our driving to small daily tasks. Automation can be a wonderful thing and can make your life really efficient giving you more freedom to do the things you want to do. However, have we stopped to consider the actual cost of automation? I feel like […]

Running a Workshop at a Developer Conference

Last week I ran a quick video call with some of the amazing humans that are speaking at WordCamp Joburg 2018. It mainly focused on how to run a workshop but these could definitely be applied at normal talks. Tip #1 First and foremost, workshops are interactive. By their nature, they’re designed to show people […]

WordCamp Joburg 2017 Composer Workshop

Composer has been around for a little while now and it has made the lives of thousands of PHP developers around the world just a little better (OK, quite a lot better). Using Composer in your theme and/or plugin will allow you to add a range of great features and libraries that are available to […]

WordCamp Cape Town 2017 Composer Workshop

I had the privilege of doing a workshop at WordCamp Cape Town 2017 on Composer and WordPress. I covered how we can use Composer to manage WordPress projects and how we could create parity between the different environments we have (like development, staging and production). Tools I used: Composer Bedrock What I would have liked to […]

Setting the PHP version in command line on CPanel Servers

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been really struggling to try to get Composer to install a project on a CPanel server. As you know, Composer can also check environment constraints and for some reason php -v would show PHP 7.1 but when running composer install or php composer install, it would say that I’m […]

Get Custom Post Type by Slug

I recently had a case where I needed to get the post object for a custom post type in WordPress – I had to do this by a slug that the user passed in. There is a function (get_page_by_path) which I initially thought was to only find the post object for pages but it actually […]

WordCamp Joburg – Want to setup an online store?

Here are my slides from my workshop from WordCamp Joburg 2016. Most of the content was covered in the workshop (not on the slides) but the slides might give you a good idea of the flow. The stuff you’d really care about is most likely where to get the software that we used. Here are the […]