I’ve been looking around for a content delivery network that has a point I presence (POP) in South Africa for quite a while now without much success.

What is a content delivery network or CDN?

A CDN is basically a network of servers that delivers media and static content to users as close to their geographical location as possible. A real world example of this would be buying a pizza: naturally it would be quicker and easier to buy it from the pizza place down the road than the one on a different continent; this is the same principle of a content delivery network in delivering your content to your visitors.

I have looked at a few solutions from international companies that have huge accounts and thus have brilliant systems in place. Some of these companies are Limelight, Akamai and CDNetworks; all of whom have a POP in South Africa. The issue with them is that they have a minimum data traffic of 1TB per month with pricing starting at $800 per month. That’s fine for a start up with big backing and big companies like Facebook etc. but I don’t know of too many websites outside the top 1000 in SA that have that much traffic every month.

There is also someone like Amazon who charge ridiculously low rates unfortunately don’t have a POP in South Africa.

In walks AfriCDN, a locally bred content delivery network

So this is where RSAWEB comes into the picture. They’re a local South African company with a great reputation and have launched a product called AfriCDN (a content delivery network). AfriCDN has two POPs in South Africa and then two in Europe and then one in the US.

AfriCDN Nodes (RSAWEB content delivery network)

However, what’s really great is that they offer a great entry level deal that allows new start ups and smaller websites to reach their international audience in an enhanced way. The base package/tier is R499 p/m for 100GB of data transfer.

I can’t say much about how well their product works as I’m in the process of organising a trial from them. I’ll give you feedback as soon as I know and have tested it but I do expect something really good from them.

Know any other local content delivery network solutions other than AfriCDN? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Good find! I’ve been looking for potential partners for our CDN’s growth in Africa and this seems cool! Do keep me informed as you learn more. Would be cool to see how they perform for you.

    1. Hi Judah, that’s great to hear. I’ll hopefully be getting into it over the next few days so that I can really give it a thorough test. I’ll let you know.

      1. I’m heading up the development and expansion of the OnApp Federated CDN and we just launched the beta of CDN.net. Check it out if you have some time. Would be cool to get your feedback.

        Maybe we will be able to add AfriCDN to the mix. 🙂

    1. Zero Feedback. I’m actually writing another post about it now. I have been promised a test account and still haven’t received it despite jumping through loops.

      I found another product and was giving a $50 credit to try it out. Check out cdn.net and let me know what you think.

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