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I have spent a considerable amount of time in an attempt to speed up my WordPress websites and really understand all the ins and outs about it. So before I decided to move my site to my own custom cloud solution (to play with things like Memcache etc.) I thought I would first get my website optimised as best as possible.

Luckily, WordPress has a vast array of tools that allow you to do that and hopefully speed it up. One of these tools is W3 Total Cache which comes fully loaded with tools like minify, object cache, page cache and a handy [abbr title=”Content Delivery Network”]CDN[/abbr] integration tool.

So if I have a look at my page load time using gtmetrix.com I was initially getting about 8 – 10 seconds for a page load; which wasn’t ideal but not the worst I have seen. Having said that, Amazon say that for every second the page takes to load they lose 7% of their customers. [perspective]

So after installing the W3 Total Cache plugin I quickly enabled minify, page cache, object cache and database cache. This immediately takes a huge toll off the processing requirements of the server and you almost instantly see a few seconds shaved off your load time. Especially if your website was very database intensive.

The next stop was to integrate a [abbr title=”Content Delivery Network”]CDN[/abbr] and in good news my long search for a really good [abbr title=”Content Delivery Network”]CDN[/abbr] may have finally come to an end. I was approached by a company called CDN.net to trial their new prepaid [abbr title=”Content Delivery Network”]CDN[/abbr] service and I’ve been mightily impressed.

Not only is the offering prepaid, meaning you only pay for what you use but you also get to choose the points of presence from many locations around the world including South Africa which is perfect. The only thing it needs is for us to be able to push our media up somewhere for big file downloads and I’ll move the Rivers Church media library over in an instant.

After setting up all of that my page load time is just under 3 seconds for people coming in from outside of South Africa which is pretty good if I don’t say so myself. The on factor is that I don’t really have much to load on this page.

If you want help/advice on setting up W3 Total Cache let me know. I’ve played with all the options and seen some interesting results.

Do you know of any other tools to speed up a WordPress website? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to get some more input.

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  1. Thanks Seagyn, I’m also using wordpress and been looking everywhere for a CDN with a presence in SA (that isn’t for the big websites). I hope CDN.net works out.

      1. So far its going really smoothly, W3 Total cache is awesome for a free plugin. I noticed straight away a speed improvement. And I haven’t even configured my DNS Cname yet. After this I wanna figure out a way to defer javascript parsing to the end fo the page load. Do you have any idea about that? I’m doing some research now.

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