CrossFit Open Workout 15.1


CrossFit Friday: “Box”

This weeks CrossFirst term is “box”. You’ll often hear CrossFitters referring to their “gyms” as boxes. To the non-CrossFitting people who have yet to attend the awesomeness that is CrossFit you would usually get a blank expression tying to figures if you’re a boxer or if they’re about to go box. It’s not that severe. […]

First: What It Takes to Win by Rich Froning

If you’re any sort of CrossFitter then you’ve definitely heard of Rich Froning. If you haven’t, then just watch the last 5 years of the CrossFit Games and I think you’ll find out. He’s basically the 4-times straight winner of the CrossFit games and this is only his 5th year competing at them. That’s pretty […]

CrossFit Ex Animo are Backing me for World Cup Gold!

It’s no joke that I have to be at my absolute best when it comes to pure athletic performance if I want to play any definitive role in competing at the Touch Rugby World Cup. This is where the awesome guys at CrossFit Ex Animo come in. Not only have they supported me since the announcement of […]

I Lost Before I Started

It was an exciting two-week build up at CrossFit Ex Animo after they announced an outdoor WOD at Zoo Lake swimming pool on 18 October. The thought of changing things up a little was quite exciting. The problem came in a day before (Friday) when I started realising that I will actually have to swim… If […]