Is Webfluential the Answer to Building a Blogging Business?

Is Webfluential the Answer to Building a Blogging Business?

I have been blogging for a number of years but I have never really monetised this blog to a point where it has been worthwhile. I have earned a little off Google AdSense but never enough to write home about. Then a number of years ago, a company called Webfluential popped onto the radar. At first, I thought it was just another company offering to pay money for spammy PR style content supplied for you to publish. However, over the years, it has really turned into a tool that is pro influencers. Webfluential emphasises what you can do for the brand rather than the other way around. Are they the answer to building a blog business?

It seems as if they are. Their dashboard is pretty fancy and integrates into every channel you can supply. By integrates. I mean it actually fetches data for them to use for brands. The whole integration basically builds your brand profile with real-time data on your markets and reach (no more fooling anyone around).

Is Webfluential the Answer to Building a Blogging Business?

I’m a massive fan of being open and transparent especially when it comes to working with brands. For a long time, brands were burnt by false Google Analytics reports from “influencers” that had highly inflated numbers. These stats were used to charge brands a fortune to utilise their “reach”.

Is it worthwhile for bloggers?

I haven’t picked up any brands from Webfluential but that’s because I’ve mainly put my thoughts through the Digital Leap blog. Now that I’ve defined more clearly what each blog will do, I’m hoping to utilise my platforms and grow some influence in the coming months. I see the value in it and I’ve only heard good things about it. They also don’t mess around with price which means you can invest time into creating great content.

I would love to hear about your experience with Webfluential, if you’ve had any.


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