I’m doing a talk at WordPress Joburg about Gutenberg. It’s basically a quick overview how the block editor works and how we can use it.

This post will basically be an example of what you can do in Gutenberg.

Adding a gallery is pretty easy and it looks a TON better than the default gallery that isn’t made better by a theme on the classic editor. How about some Medium style images?

First NameLast NameA Really long columnTest this
  1. List

  • Want a simple list?
  • Here is one
  • And it’s really simple

This is an inline image.

I love this image. PS I took it.

This is a column.

  • Here is a column.
  • But this is a list.

My son was born:

(Using the AMP WordPress plugin)

Sunday 18 March 17:33
I thought they were deadNot for larges sets of data
They do have to make sense thoughSo just use tables for styling
Use them for dataand data that makes more sense than this

This is a great post.

Needs citation.
I can still write HTML if I really want to


This is very strong

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