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Concept for a WordPress Development Workflow with VersionPress

I’ve been looking for a way to optimise the WordPress development workflow we use at Digital Leap and have constantly hit walls when it comes to managing database changes from dev machines to staging, production, and then all the way back (as we make changes to code and content at each stage). When it comes to managing code changes, using version control tools like Git or SVN (actually, don’t use SVN) is quite common and there are robust and reliable. When it comes to database...

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Is Webfluential the Answer to Building a Blogging Business?

I have been blogging for a number of years but I have never really monetised this blog to a point where it has been worthwhile. I have earned a little off Google AdSense but never enough to write home about. Then a number of years ago, a company called Webfluential popped onto the radar. At first, I thought it was just another company offering to pay money for spammy PR style content supplied for you to publish. However, over the years, it has really turned into a tool that is pro influencers...

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Thoughts on why we are Becoming Educated Buyers

There is has been a massive shift at Digital Leap over the last month as we realised many our clients were looking to really understand the digital space and how they could be effective. During this new journey, we realised that we had been trying to sell to people who wanted to find out as much information as they could to make an educated decision. I totally buy into this and we’ve made it our sole marketing strategy over the last year. As I was writing another blog for the business...

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WordCamp Joburg 2016

It’s official, WordCamp is finally coming to Joburg and you’re invited, get your WordPress swag ready! About 3 months ago I approached WordPress and said I’d be interested in organising it. Much to my surprise, they said that someone is already in final discussions with about running WordCamp Joburg. So what is WordCamp? A WordCamp is a non-profit conference focused on all things WordPress and is relevant to everyone from new users to experienced developers, designers and...

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Book Review: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki has been recommended to me many times and I finally got down to reading it. It really does make sense of investment strategies and the flaws in pretty much everyone’s thinking – which is great. However, if you’re looking for investment advice and how to invest, this book won’t really cover the step-by-step directions on where and how to make money from your money. I would say that it is enlightening to the fact that there’s a...

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