Seagyn Davis


Hi! I am Seagyn Davis.

I’ve been building stuff on the web since 2008 (15 years - can’t believe it!). It started with Joomla and thankfully got pushed to move in the direction of WordPress. I naturally explored PHP and built web apps on CakePHP and Laravel.

After about a decade of PHP and exploring new ways of building web apps, I decided to explore JavaScript and React in particular. Starting to build decoupled web apps using PHP and React was an exciting period in my career and was a turning point in my abilities as an engineer.

I now believe that whilst I enjoy working with languages like PHP and JavaScript, I think that engineers can quite easily jump between languages and frameworks especially if they’ve been working for a while.

Throughout my career, explored C# (Dotnet), PHP (Laravel, WordPress, CakePHP) and JavaScript (React, Vue).

My current role is as a DevOps Engineer at LSD Information Technology using my development experience for DevOps enablement.