I have been wanting to write for ages now but haven’t really had the motivation to do so. It’s been a combination of time, lack there of, and just a problem that I feel blogs around the world are suffering.

You see, there was a time when I blogged on what I thought, experiences I had and to merely share what I really loved. It didn’t come with any other objective. What happened is that I became an online marketing professional and I forgot about blogging and started thinking about SEO, targeted keywords, content strategy, guest posts, sponsored posts and of course the very important measurement of hits.

This meant that I stepped away from the personal ‘get to know me’ blog to a blog that was designed to make me money and you all know that to make money you need to spend money. Time is money and as I’ve stated  before, I don’t really have much of that so this blog ended up not making me money and went from 5 000 unique visitors every month to 50.

The problem with failing in this way is that your standard of “achievement” has been set quite high and so when you’re blogging and don’t get a couple of hundred people to your blog post, you’ve failed yet again. This led me to my next biggest mistake, searching for that server crippling, front-page Digg-ing blog post that gets you 1000s of visitors even though you don’t care about the subject (and even worse, the topic is against your values).

So what happens next?

Well, it’s quite simple. You don’t care. All you want to do is nothing. You don’t want to write anything because your head is telling you that you’re not capable. You don’t want to because the time spent doing your very keyword specific blog post that was actually paid for by someone who doesn’t care who you are is actually not worth it. So you don’t.

This was until the other day I read something that opened my eyes. It was a tweet that kinda tore open the curtain of technical requirements to write a blog post and shone a light on the very thing that blogging is about.

It’s all about writing from the heart.

It’s the very thing that has made me lie down, in bed, and quickly write this. No I don’t give a damn about word count, spelling, grammar (sorry Louise), keyword density and SEO tactics. All you are getting is the raw, non-copyedited writing that is moving from my heart to my finger tips – (deep).

You see, when you write from the heart it’s more than just a blog post. It’s something you have passion for. I have a passion for sharing and a passion for inspiring. In fact, I have such a passion for inspiring people that I have the word “Inspire” written in Hebrew on my arm.

I’m not going to promise that this is the come back of my blogging legacy or that this is me beginning to write 2 – 3 blog posts a day again. In fact, that won’t happen ever again.

What you will see is that when I do write a blog, it will be something that I care about. Something that I care about so much that I would take time to write about it so it will either help you, inspire you or challenge.

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