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Introduction to Continuous Integration with WordPress - WordCamp Cape Town 2016

Introduction to Continuous Integration with WordPress - WordCamp Cape Town 2016

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At WordCamp Cape Town 2016 I did a quick intro workshop into continuous integration with WordPress, which covered the principles of continuous integration (CI) and a few ways to start with unit testing and integration testing.

Sadly, I didn't have enough time to get through the entire workshop and really wanted to get people trying out the fun stuff. But, as promised, you'll find the presentation further down the page, which you can go through in your own time.

In addition, I think it's worth doing a step-by-step blog post series on this topic because I think it will enable everyone to get a better understanding of CI and really get the hang of it. Once I've published each post I will update this one with a link for your reference.

If you have any questions, please free to drop me a comment here or on the Github repo (the one I used in the workshop).

Continuous Integration with WordPress Series

  1. What is continuous integration and what does it have to do with WordPress?
  2. Using Github and Travis CI to begin your continuous integration journey
  3. What is the difference between unit tests and integration tests?
  4. Writing unit tests to improve your code
  5. Writing integration tests and making your code robust (everywhere)
  6. Additional tests you can do for your WordPress projects
  7. Continuous integration with WordPress resources

Link to Presentation on Google Slides


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