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Thoughts on why we are Becoming Educated Buyers

Thoughts on why we are Becoming Educated Buyers

Reading time of post 1 min readDate when post was published7 June 2016
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There is has been a massive shift at Digital Leap over the last month as we realised many our clients were looking to really understand the digital space and how they could be effective. During this new journey, we realised that we had been trying to sell to people who wanted to find out as much information as they could to make an educated decision. I totally buy into this and we've made it our sole marketing strategy over the last year.

As I was writing another blog for the business tonight, I stopped to think about why selling is becoming buyer-centric and sales people are having to change their strategies. Here they are.

1. Quality is not a Given

Back in the day, you could buy a Ford or Chevvy and it would run for decades. In fact, there are still a few that are running today that were made in the 60s! However, these days we can't be sure if the car we are buying shifted a couple of millimeters on the assembly line and is going to have a deffect (nevermind the fact that we could have been lied to about the actually specs of the car - think VW).

This means that most people will actually research anything before they will buy to see what other people are saying about the product and its quality.

2. Knowledge is Power

I don't know about you but when it comes to anything especially gadgets, I want to find out exactly how they work even if I don't own one yet. I want to dive into the technology that is under the hood and the amazing advancements that were made to get whatever it is that I'm buying to where it is.

People are craving knowledge and even more so when it's about something they will lay their hard earned money down foore.

3. How Will it Help me?

This is probably the biggest reason for this shift. People are spending less on things they don't want and even need. This doesn't mean that fancy cars are going out of fashion but if it doesn't fulfill a need for the person, you're never going to sell it to them.

You can phone me every day and almost give me a mobile data contract for free and I would not take it. Why? Because in the end I have fibre at the office, ADSL at home and enough data on my phone to make it inbetween both locations. However, come and offer me fibre at home and I'll sign up on the spot. The point I'm making is to pin point someone's actual need.

My need isn't more internet connectivity options. It's a single reliable internet connect that is super fast.

It's super interesting seeing this shift and it's helped us really focus on what matters to buyers rather than what matters to our bottom-line (important but only over the long term).

Have you noticed the shift?

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