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Why you should hire Codeable developers for WordPress projects

Why you should hire Codeable developers for WordPress projects

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South Africa had a hard lockdown for a few weeks as Covid 19 started picking up in the country in March 2020. We then had several levels of restriction of the coming weeks as the first-wave slowly dissipated. In that time, real estate took a massive blow which required me to subsidise my salary with outside work after receiving a salary cut. Codeable was a natural option for me because it mainly focussed on customers that need work on various WordPress projects.

One of the major things Codeable focus on is vetting and making sure they only bring on highly skilled developers (and designers). They do this to protect their brand but also separate themselves from the other developer "marketplaces" that don't vet people on their platform at all.

My onboarding went pretty well which included a screening interview, a take-home test and then a technical interview which is what I expected from the vetting process. They also asked questions about how I'd deal with scenarios that often come up with clients and how to resolve them. Fortunately, that's something I've had to do a bunch when running my agency.

From a customer perspective, you can quickly post a project (or set up a consultation) which asks the kind of questions that would generally be asked in any initial onboarding call. This then posts a project where various Codeable experts will read the brief and then start asking questions. This is one of the first of many important factors that separate a Codeable developer from other marketplaces. You will never find a Codeable developer giving an estimate without finding out as many details as required.

The next important factor is that there won't be hundreds of developers clambering for your work. It sounds great but it gets noisy and confusing when that happens. Instead, Codeable developers respect each other and will either back out if they feel someone else can handle it better or not enter at all to respect the developers already engaging with a client.

Once everything has been answered, estimates will be added by the developers (along with a breakdown of the work) and an estimate can be selected and paid for. The money is held by Codeable until the work is marked as complete protecting both the developer and, importantly, the customer.

Codeable also requires that their developers fix issues directly related to their work for 30 days and also require that they practice meeting all privacy and security requirements especially for things like GDPR. Codeable put effort into making sure that all these criteria are met.

Another major benefit is that there is a huge pool of developers (and even designers) with differing abilities. It's like a massive agency without the huge overhead of an agency. You can also continue using the same developer going forward which allows you to build a great working relationship with them.

You may notice that some estimates (mainly for South African customers) seem high but the value and protection you receive are always worth it. Having run an agency that outsourced work to freelancers/contractors, I can 100% tell you that having a vetted developer work on a project is always better. To put the cherry on the top, you can always contact Codeable support if you need (even when your developer is not available).

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